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broken oring servo after a year


January 23, 2012
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ford explorer
Hi i installed a modified oring servos to my trans on april of this year. But recently i was driving my suv whe i heard a big sound comming from the tranny and start to fail the 5ft again. when i check the servo it was broken athe the hole where the oil enter. my question for you guys is why this happends,,or if the part on it's contruction.. maybe bad material,,,wrong band adjust....i dont know ,,let me know... also how to remove the servo tip that stay pluged on the hole. :(

the servo's in general are a major weak point. Had my '04 trans rebuilt 5 yrs ago/50k; he did do the sleeves upgrade and 4 years later the servo still cracked. it was covered under warranty. Not sure how to get the tip out.