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Buying 2000 Limited with no front bumper


January 30, 2003
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Houston, TX
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07 EB V8 4x4 & 99 EB AWD
I’m considering buying a 2000 Explorer Limited (V-8), which is missing the entire front bumper. However everywhere I call, I seem to be getting different info on what parts I need to replace the bumper.

I think I need and price range I’ve been quoted:
2 Bumper brackets – $60each for aftermarket
1 Energy absorber/re-enforcer -- $125 aftermarket $365 from Ford
1 Bumper cover - $150-170ish new aftermarket or $340 from Ford

What else am I missing? Is it really only 4 parts?

On the bumper cover, so far only Ford has convinced me what they are quoting is actually for a Limited, most of the online and local parts places seem confused by it not being an XLT or EB. I am trying to stay away from the Ford prices. If I buy the non-Ford bumper cover, how do I know I’m getting the right one? Is the only difference between the EB and the limited the chrome plates around the fog lights?

Is the absorber/re-enforcer the same on all 2000 Explorers? One dealer told me they are all the same and one that it was different on the Limited?

Does anyone know if the bumper cover can be painted off the car and installed after it has been painted? This way my new to me Explorer does have to sit at a body shop after I just got it.

I know I need the fog lights and license plate frame, but I’m not worried about those so much.

Sorry so long, but thanks everyone for any help.

P.S. This will be my 3rd Explorer, but first Limited.

Im pretty sure the brackets are welded to the frame and are not needed unless they look twisted, if they are twisted and you torque the rebar down it will twist and break, so make sure it sits flush with the brackets first!!. Mainly the rebar/absorber whatever and the cover. I did a 97XLT to Limited conversion and mildly looked into the newer bumper cover styles. No I painted the bumper off the vehicle, the good shops all do it this way

go to a junkyard and just pull one from there....