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Carbon Fiber Hood Possibility From EE

Btw, some weight info would be nice, i.e. c/f vs. stock.

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Well guys, the carbon fiber hood may be a dead issue for now. I have been trying to get some hard facts and picture for about a week. The company has really been giving me the run around. I do not like to mention any names, but the initials are APC. They have a reputation for using crap from Taiwan etc. It turns out that the quality of these hoods are also crap. I did some investigating about having carbon fiber hoods produced. It sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen. It would be very difficult and expensive ($800- $900) to produce a carbon fiber hood that would be properly reinforced and would have a consistant quality. It would be easier to produce a Mustang GT style carbon fiber hood scoop, but it would still be about $300. I am always looking for Explorer body pieces. I will continue to look for other hood possibilities, but this one is not happening.

JOHN: How about a scoop like the one you guys had on the green X? I think it is the 83-84 Mustang scoop? Seems as though something that size could be made in fiberglass for a reasonable cost.

On second thought, lets just keep working on that wing!;)


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I hear you! Stay tuned.

Im tuned and I'm not chaingin' stations!:D

agg, i need a new hood! i just got into an accident a few nights ago, if i could get an aftermarket hood out of the deal, that would be mint, keep us informed!