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Saleen XP8 Carbon Fiber Hood - issues - need advice


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April 14, 2007
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'00 Ford Explorer LTD AWD
So I purchased the Saleen XP8 Carbon Fiber Hood off I believe 1998-023. The XP8 had alot of rust so the hood catch has alot of rust and there is cracking in the (Fiberglass?? or Carbon Fiber) around the rivets that hold that piece in as well as the hood hinge mounting points.

BIG WHITE (my 2000 Limited) is currently at the shop for paint & installation of the hood and Saleen Wing and some things came up that I am hoping that someone here might be able to offer some input.

* Have others seen this type of cracking on the Carbon Fiber Saleen XP8 Hoods - and are pictures. The shop seems to think that this cracking is a safety issue. I asked about replacing the rusted hood latch mechanism and they say they really do not know how they would do that. Is there a way?

* They also said that even if they repaired the cracking that it "will" crack again and they feel it is a safety issue and a design flaw in this hood. Has anyone with one of these hoods had a issue?

Thanks in advance for any input or advice on how to proceed with this.

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Only advice I have is get it repaired and just install a pair a nice looking hood pins. Problem solved.

Sounds like a great idea. Thank You for the advice.

If anyone has any experience with these hoods, I like to hear if yours has experienced cracking as well.

Thanks again.

Ok had this looked at by another party and have been assured that the strength is there and there should be no problem since they seem to be surface in what looks to be the top (Gel?..) coat. The hood is being fully refinished and hopefully I should have some pictures early next week. I didn't notice it before but apparently these things weren't made all that well as there were a lot of imperfections in the surface (not talking about the paint). It makes me curious who made these hoods for Saleen and what was the process that they did it.

My factory ranger hood is fiberglass or some kind of polymer and is constructed similar with the rivets. If it were my hood I would drill and add a few rivets where the material is still strong and epoxy what you can of the cracked areas.