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Chain chatter still after replacing left cassette


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January 5, 2011
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Las Vegas, NV
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98 E.Bauer 4.0(RWD)
'98 4.0 SOHC 2WD 160K miles

Like the title says. I replaced the left cassette and the jack shaft guide/tensioner. I didnt remove the jackshaft bolt because I was able to remove the lower cassette bolt without a problem so I know the timing is correct. I put the old oil tensioner in (which I epox'd so the piston wouldnt retract) and used that to put tension on the left camshaft chain before I torqued the upper sprocket bolt to 63 ft/lbs. Timing was not upset and is correct. OTC tool was not used.

Today when I started it up and ran it for maybe 5 minutes I noticed there is still chatter coming from the cassette. I took a peek in the oil spout and noticed the guide is bouncing back and forth quite a bit. When I rev the engine it seems to quiet down. It is at idle mainly when the chatter can be heard.

I did the M0012 kit maybe a couple of years ago and its had the timing chain rattle for quite some time. Ive been driving it this entire time. The chain rattle finally got worse so I decided to do this repair. The jackshaft guide and the left cassette were in pieces as suspected in the oil pan. Rear is still good. *Crosses fingers*

Would driving on the the broken guide cause the new hydraulic tensioner (M0012 kit) to prematurely wear? Im thinking its not putting enough pressure on the NUB of the guide and causing chatter to be heard. Its definitely not slapping. Its just chatter from the chain. I didnt replace the chain or the sprocket, just the guide and its bolts.

I use 5W-30 regular Valvoline oil like I always have. Oil pressure is Ok but I havent tested it with a gauge yet. Never had any oil leaks. No sludge in engine. Ive had this vehicle since it was new and have religiously changed the oil and filters.

Anyone had this happen after their own repair?