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Changing out the Ford Motorsport SVO Powerdyne BD- 11A Supercharger for the gear driven Powerdyne XB-1A

;) Exciting stuff!

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Yes, can't wait to have it installed. Really looking forward to seeing the difference in this unit not only because it flows more CFM than the BD-11a but it also has a bigger SI trim inlet and billet 16 fin impeller which is claimed to give better low to mid range response where this truck really needs it, especially since I shift so low (5200 - 5400 rpm). The most boost I ever was able to see on the BD-11a was in the 6lb range. It will be interesting to see what this unit produces.

Received a couple of updates on the installation process so far.

  • The Powerdyne XB-1A has been fitted. It fit right into the BD-11a bracket for the 5.0L Explorer with no problems. We needed to use our own oil lines versus those supplied by the builder (the one that was included was too small)
    • There was no issues with the reversed direction scroll. A new charge pipe to W2A intercooler was fabricated for this
  • Added a pressure relief valve for the W2A intercoolerer since one was not put in at the original installation.
  • I asked the guys at Stage how it sounds and they said it sounds really awesome - a huge difference over the BD-11A. They said they are sure I will be happy with it. Now waiting for the dyno and tuner to open up. We will be starting with the largest pulley (3.1) and work our way down from there.
  • The belt squeal issue from the accessory belt at startup has been resolved. Turns out the new alternator that was put in was the culprit and it was replaced under warranty.
Stay tuned!

Here is a preview

The Powerdyne XB-1a LIVES!!

The 2023 (New Production) Powerdyne XB-1a gear driven, oil cooled Supercharger - Si Trim Billet Impeller is now installed on my AWD 5.0 Liter V8 2000 Ford Explorer Limited (Big White Ford Explorer)

This is a pre-tune initial startup and idle of this new blower on my truck. Sounds so much better than the previously installed BD-11a.

Obviously things still to be final fitted and cleaned up but wanted to give a preview of what is to come.

Stay tuned for results!

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Sounds awesome! Nice work!

Today was the initial Dyno tuning of my 2000 Ford Explorer Limited after installing the new 2023 production model of the Powerdyne XB-1a Supercharger.

Again, this was the “initial” tuning and PCM programming session. We did discover during this session that the W2A intercooler has a leak which is resulting in some lost boost. Even with this problem, the boost levels that we observed are higher than those ever seen with the previously installed Powerdyne BD-11a. Further tuning and dialing in has been postponed until this problem is corrected.

So far, this new blower looks very promising!!

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Current Mods on my 2000 Ford Explorer Limited with a 5.0L 302 Windsor:

Powerdyne XB-1a Gear Drive Supercharger (Si Trim) with 2.7” Supercharger Pulley and 6.5” Crank Pulley (2023 Production Model)

Custom Water to Air Intercooler

90mm SCT MAF

SR Performance 75mm Throttle Body

Custom 80mm Intake Elbow

1” TrickFlow Intake Spacer

Custom Oil Catch Can

Ford Mustang Cobra IAT Sensor

Ford Mustang GT500 EV6 Fuel Injectors

1997 Ford Explorer Tremor Concept Truck Style aluminum air box

OBX Headers

2.5" Stainless mid X-Pipe between headers and mufflers.

Flex-A-Lite e-fan

Custom built 4R70w transmission connected to a Borg Warner AWD Transfer Case

3.73 rear end

Custom Tune (a work in progress)

Bilstein Front shocks

Lowered 2” (Torsion Twist and lowering blocks)

These are the Saleen XP8 Ford Explorer parts that are currently installed on BIG WHITE Ford Explorer

Saleen Rear Sway Bar - Saleen XP8 99-0036

Saleen Composite (aka Carbon Fiber) Hood - Saleen XP8 00-0023

Saleen Rear Wing - Saleen XP8 00-0023

Saleen Speedline 1908 Magnesium Rims with Rubber Isolators, Saleen Speedline Caps and Saleen Speedline Lugnuts - Saleen XP8 98-0022

Saleen Lowering Blocks - Saleen XP8 00-0023

Saleen Gauge Cluster - Saleen XP8 99-0044

2nd Set Of Saleen Magnesium Style Alloy Rims (only 60 sets made) - Saleen XP8 00-0023

(2) Saleen Borla Stainless Exhaust Systems (true duals configuration) - Saleen XP8 98-0034 and Saleen XP8 00-0023

NOS Saleen XP8 Pedals that are not used but only installed for auto shows.

Be sure to listen to this on a good set of speakers or headphones for full effect.

Shot on iPhone 15 Pro Max

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Dang boost leaks!! Sounds and looks so nice!!

Dang boost leaks!! Sounds and looks so nice!!
Thanks. With everything leaking we were seeing about 7 pounds. We’ll see how it does once they sort that out.

I'm curious to see the final numbers. Does sound sexy!

Awesome! So much WWWHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR with a tough sounding exhaust note!!!

Love that sound!

Awesome! So much WWWHHHRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR with a tough sounding exhaust note!!!

Love that sound!
The true duals using the Saleen Borla exhausts and X-Pipe made a big difference!!!

Those dual's also likely to work better than the single 3" I am running at these higher boost levels.

I need to pick it up now, before we race, ha totally, kiddin.