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clutch engaging problem


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November 26, 2006
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ok so i bought a 93 sport today. it has the 5 speed manual trans in it and it also has a problem with the clutch. now i'm not too schooled on trannys so bear with me.

here is exactly what he told me. his son was driving home from chicago and while on the interstate he heard a pop/ping from under the truck and then he was not able to engage the clutch.

he said he thought it was a spring on a clutch fork. but someone else told me that because it's a hydraulic clutch that it probably doesn't have a spring.

i can have the truck running and put it in gear without pushing down on the clutch pedal and it does nothing. also i can start it in gear and it goes nowhere.

so with me having no knowledge of transmissions and never jacking around with any clutches before i figured i would turn to you guys for help...yet once again:D

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It sure sounds like the clutch assembly let go. If the clutch is hydraulic actuated check to make sure the master cyld. has fluid in the reservoir. The slave cyld is inside on the trans input shaft. Any fluid leaks on the underside of the bell housing that looks like brake fluid.

there looks to be some fluid on the bell housing. there isn't a puddle or any stains on my driveway.....yet. both the master cylinder and the clutch reservoir are full.


so what should i start with? and are there any write ups to help me out

You don't have a clutch fork. The slave cylinder is directly on the input shaft of the tranny.

Take the rubber inspection plug off and have someone work the clutch. See if anything is happening.

I'm going to bet the issue has nothing to do with the clutch. Probably something in the tranny broke.

is there anyway that i can work it myself(no trans experience) or will i have to bite the bullet and take it somewhere