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cold engine = stalling and erradict idle. advice?


November 16, 2003
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Dallas, TX
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'94 XLT
my '94 XLT has some issues when it first starts up. the idle is up and down and the engine sounds like it is about to die. when i engage it into gear, it usually does die. and i usually have to keep the AC off for a good 5 minutes or more or the engine will die again when i come to a stop. after reading other posts on "stalling", i've checked various hoses for leaks, checked the MAF sensor--it's clean and voltage tests are good. any other thoughts?

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Check the Idle air control valve (clean if dirty), EGR valve + EGR pressure sensor (I replaced both of mine for 90.00 at Autozone, but be careful with removing the EGR valve...I broke the tube = 100.00 through Ford!) , and your fuel pump could be going.

Thanks. I'll check on these. BTW, where is the IAC located. The Haynes Manual shows it located in a tub coming off the main air intake. I looked at that tube on mine and there is no valve or sensor of any kind. Am i looking in the wrong place or could i be without this valve?

You will have an IAC valve. The sensor that Haynes shows in the intake tube is the IAT (intake air temperature) sensor, and, at least on my '92, the IAT is attached to the upper intake manifold, just aft of the IAC valve.

Another case of "Stalling ..."

I drove my Explorer ('00 XLS), to the jogging-trail, at around 6:00 AM on 08/30/2004 (today). Everything seemed fine, ..., until ...

Approximately one hour later, I proceeded to start the vehicle in order to return home (from the jogging-trail, that is). Unfortunately, it did not start as it had started earlier. The engine sounded "sick, or weak" and died within a few seconds.

Having experienced this in the past (thrice), I re-started the vehicle and drove home. Needless to say, it died at every STOP sign.

In the past, I've revved the engine for [approximately] twenty-minutes and then filled the gas-tank with high-octane-gas and STP's fuel-treatment. Anyhow, this process is becoming annoying (and, most likely, it is masking a more serious issue).

My friend suggested that I check the fuel-pump. I will also follow the advice of the previous posts. In any case, additional advice/help will be greatly appreciated.

By the way, are there "fuel-pump" threads?

Many Thanks,


I followed the instructions in the latter thread (read my previous post) and, now, my Explorer is back on its feet.

In four+ years, I never peaked under the hood. To say the least, it was a satisfying experience to have used a tool [other than forks, spoons, and knives, that is.]


Thanks for all the tips. I'm going to check out the EGR valve and the IAC valve tonight. I'll report my findings.