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Coolant Choices/opinions


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October 20, 2004
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Albany, NY
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96 EB V6 OHV 4WD
When I flushed my 96 and filled coolant I used Prestone Extended life 5/150 coolant for all makes and models. It looks like a quality product and they are an OEM for some makes. It is yellow but as we know color doesn't really matter today. Normally these Ex's use traditional green coolant. I picked that brand because the green coolants were cheap store or noname brands. The manual says to use a national brand of coolant, but 12 years ago all coolant was green.

Now I'm reading articles that those one for all coolants don't protect all models. I don't know if that applies to older or newer models which take specific coolants. I see now that motorcraft makes a green coolant, and I'm considering swapping it in. Most shops I called said they use prestone on everything except GM dex-cool apps. One shop said the prestone would be extra money over green because it is a long lasting premium product. THe shop owner said that is what he puts in his ex.

From what I understand there are 4 types of coolant:
Traditional Green
Dex Cool for GM- Organic Acid Tech- (usually orange but never go by color)
New H-05 - Hybrid OAT - Newer vehicles
All Purpose(Prestone,Others in the Big chain stores) - Special Blend HOAT/OAT

What do you guys use?

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When it's serviced - standard green 2/yrs or 36k miles.

I've always used the regular green stuff (either Prestone or Advance Auto Parts store brand) No trouble with it here, though.

No probs here with Prestone EL

I have been using Prestone Extended Life for the last few years. No problems. Gave the cooling system a flush out with distilled water before switching. I was using ordinary Prestone before. My old Prestone would go about 2.5 years before my hydrometer showed it needed replacement.

- James

I use Prestone green and change every year. I use it at 10%.

I was told Prestone doesn't make the standard green stuff anymore, just the yellow Extended life, all vehicle stuff I used. It is not on their website. Even advance auto has their store brand as extended life.

Seems Zerex has a real, green "short life" antifreeze.

;) Don't try 10% in upstate NY, unless you want a BLOCKSICKLE!

I'm in the same boat...

Only, I can't get the "good ol' green stuff" here is WA.
Just did a full flush and distilled water "rinse", now it's coolant time and I have 2 choices (all local stores):
5/150 (flourescent light green)
and "petsafe"

Can I use the 5/150 without issues?
Anyone been running this for a while (years)?

Temps are not going to drop below freezing for the next 5-7 days, so I have some time...

Cool chart that has me worried...

I use Dex cool. I bought my '96 new annd put dexcool after it was 2 years old. I changed it out every 5 years. I have 195K miles on it with no coolant issues at all. I still ave the original waterpump:) Dex cool is a quality product if used properly. Make sure you flus system completely, and have no air leaks in your coolant system

and have no air leaks in your coolant system

Kind of off-topic, but how exactly does one develop air leaks in their cooling system? Wouldn't any leak result in fluid from the high pressure side moving to the low pressure side? Isn't the coolant always under a higher pressure then ambient when in operation?

Just asking... Maybe I'm missing something...