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Coolant Flush/Fuel Filter

Thanks Al, xFatcatx. I'm doing the Prestone flush, too. You're right about the hoses, the one you mentioned as well as the heater hoses(the part going from the pipe to the engine)look like a PITA to replace. They look and feel okay, but I'd sure hate to lose one on the way to Lubbock! They've been on there for about 102,000 miles, too. I guess between now and Sunday I'll decide whether or not to replace them.

By the way, is it absolutely necessary to use distilled water?

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I never even heard of using distilled water before someone posted it on this thread. I think waters water.......If you have time you could replace the thermostat also, it was a real pain in the azz though. I used about 6 different extensions and sockets to get to the 3 thermostat bolts, that wasnt to bad but that Rad hose was a pita to get back on the thermostat cover. FYI, the thermostat was $15 at Autozone but the O-ring/gasket was $6 (wtf), napa had the O-ring/gasket for $1.29 so autozone matched the careful with those thermo bolts, nice and easy, i cross threaded one on my first car, bad news.

I never even heard of using distilled water before someone posted it on this thread. I think waters water.

Using distilled water in the cooling system has been a standard procedure for as long as I can remember.

All water is definately NOT the same.

In some areas, like Phoenix for instance, distilled water is mandatory due to the high mineral load in tap water. It will plug up an engine fairly fast. In other areas, it's less critical but still recommended due to the fact that the more pure the coolant is the better cooling you will have and the longer cooling system components will last.

can i ask one thing , how can you tell if it's 50/50 , you mix the liquids out side then fill it in the radiator or there are indeicators on the radiator that i don't know about or maybe on the coolant gallon it self

please i need an answer

You either mix it outside or use a container with the mark telling you the volume. You then just add both water and the concentrated coolant.

thanks , two questions 1. how much in litres can the radiator hold when full , 2. where is the location of the bleeder screw in 2006 ford explorer .

1. Your owners manual should say it. My 98 V8 says 12.8 quarts. I am not sure about the bleeder screw for radiator.