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Coolant leak...


February 12, 2015
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2007 Explorer XLT 4.0
Hey guys, turning to the forum again...but this time I already think I know the answer. Had the radiator leak already and at this point have just done the bar leak successfully..1 application and no more radiator leak >1 year! But after a long trip I'm smelling coolant a lot more. Not burning through much, but strong odor. The oil is clean, but I have dried/burned coolant leaking down the front passenger side of the motor. I believe my thermostat housing is the culprit as the top of the intake is wet with a bit of rub down the side along the thermostat house. I was able to visual the water pump pretty well and couldn't see any signs of a leak. Seem pretty obvious as a thermostat housing issue to you guys as well?