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Cooper Discoverer ATRs?

Hi All-
Just wondering opinions and such on these tires. It is time to replace my BFG ATs and after all the suspension work I had done on my X, I am exploring more economical tires now. I still want an AT type of tire due to our winters up here and some off-roading during the summer.

We have a fleet store doing a buy 3 and get the 4th free deal and these Coopers qualify. It is looking like too good of a deal to pass on. Again, just wondering opinions. Thanks!!

I have them on my '95 and love them- great grab in the rain and snow, and I have about 30k on them and the treas looks virtually new. Nice ride, not loud, and they have a nice looking tread.


We have these on almost all of our fleet trucks where I work, they seem to be a very good tire, with solid rain/snow grip and very little highway noise. They'll probably be my next set of tires on my X.