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Cost to fix rear diff whine


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August 24, 2009
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Charlotte, NC
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2003 XLT
Has anyone had any luck getting the rear diff whine fixed for less than $1200? I had a wheel bearing replaced, that didn't work. Also, put the synthetic oil in and that didn't work. Any other ideas?

I can live with it if it costs $1200 for the ring & pinion, but wasn't sure if there were specialty shops that could do it for less.

2003 explorer xlt v6, 4wd

For not more than $1.2k , you should be able to rebuild both axles which would include new ring and pinion gears and a master install kit. So I figure that maybe $700-$800 for a complete rebuild of one axle. Whining and clunking can be attributed to a loose pinion, which by itself shouldnt be as expensive as a complete rebuild unless the pinion gears are damaged. Call some speed shops, they usually specialize in drivetrain (engine, trans, axles) so setting up ring and pinions should be right up their alley.