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Could you put an OBDII system in a 1994 Explorer?

February 20, 2010
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i saw on ebay a wiring harness for a honda that you can put an obd2 in place of the obd1 pcm? is it possible? and can we do it with the explorer? if so what are the pros and cons of it? thank you:feedback:

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Your thread was moved into the modified 91-94 section. The entire wiring harness on the vehicle has to be replaced. The fuel injection harness on the engine is different. It's not an easy job, but anything is possible. Are you going to use an OBD II equipped engine with a SOHC or keep the stock OHV engine?

I am running OBD-II in my `92.

Yes it can be done.

I didn't even need to cut any wires to do it....

.....BUT I did have to cut EVERYTHING else!....You can run the SOHC on the OHV OBD-1 ECM....I did the swap so I could run the 5.0L


It can be done. New harnesses, computers, and possibly some seensors. Obd2 monitors a lot more than obd1. The only benefit that I can think of is ease of diagnostics with a scanner, and being able to monitor more vitals. OBD2 is more picky also. It can turn on engine light because the gas cap is loose. Any particular reason for doing it? Unless you have to for a swap like Ryan did, I dont really see a benefit worth all the hassle. Correct me if I am wrong tho.

Sorry for posting it in the wrong place. I am not planning on doing it. I just saw the ad on ebay and it made it sound like it was a plug and play thing. you plug it in and it will work. I was just curious. Thanks for your responses