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Countershaft issues I think.


June 17, 2010
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Albuquerque, NM
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91 XL
Ok, I have a 91 XL four wheel drive. It has 159,000 miles on the frame and transmission. the engine, and clutch were both replaced at 110,000 miles. I have noticed since I got the truck that when I let off the gas and then get back on the gas it sounds like I have a little bit of gear clash. Nothing major, I was thinking it was the nature of the beast, but with no AC and living in phoenix my windows have been down.

Well this morning at 530 on my way to school it was 66 degrees so I had them up for the first time since ive owned the truck. Going through the gears I noticed a knocking noise it got loudest in 5th gear. It sounded like a rod knock, I put it in nuetral gave it some gas and nothing, put it back in gear and it was back. Its very faint, so Im not too worried about it right this second, but I am thinking I just have a countershaft bearing going out which may also explain the gear clash from the countershaft moving up into the mainshaft.

My question is, since its my only car out here, I treat it nice shift at 1800 rpm, and get 20 mpg in town. it doesnt get stressed should I be ok for about another year and a half at 7000 miles a year and not risk any damage to the case by wallering out the hole? or should I bring out my gas guzzler and park the sploder, to avoid the cost of a new case. Or could there be another issue im overlooking that could cause this sound? I mean its very faint and can only hear it if everything is perfectly quiet and still in the cab.