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Couple of 5 speed swap questions


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August 21, 2011
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Lufkin, Tx
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92 Expo xlt 4x4 5.0
After my auto took a dump again I've decided to swap in a 5 speed and i believe i have selected all the parts i need but i need to know if any kind of flywheel shim/spacer is needed and if my auto starter can be used? Thanks

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No and no.

The crank spacer is removed and discarded. It's only used with the flex plate.

The auto starter will bolt up, but won't spin the flywheel.

thanks for the reply and i noticed your signature says you've started a 5.0 swap would you be willing to part with your starter for the 4.0?

After receiving my clutch kit today i realized i don't have the bolts to bolt the pressure plate to the flywheel, is that something i can get at a hardware store or will i need to order them?

Get them at an auto parts store.