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Damn!! new HU+Amp/sub, but no amp+sub.. Help


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January 15, 2005
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2000 XLT 30" XTR's
have a 96 xlt with P-sound and rear controls..... went to car toys and picked up a harness adapter for the factory system. i've got my new HU hooked up and running along with the new amp and sub but,,,,,,, i'm not getting the full sound from the amp and sub...? why?????
i know i've got all the wires at the HU right. i had to splice the new amp remote to the stock remote wire. if i unplug the harness remote wire and swap it with my new amp remote wire i get no sound from the speakers and only bass from the new sub, on the other hand, if leave the two remote wires spliced together i get the sound back but it's like i have no control over the new amp and sub. except for the HU controls
holy crap i hope this makes sence to some one who can help,.? my goal is to be able to get as much bass from the new amp and subb as i can....

****ok, i've read up on some amp bypass posts, so, if i bypass the factory amp the speakers will run directly from the new HU? and i'll be able to use my new amp to only run my subb like i want right??? do i have to have a harness to bypass, or can i cut and splice?? if so is it only the speaker wires,,, just connect the colors? and the there's no need for the factory remote wire and then i can use my new amp remote wire and every thing will be fine???****
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I have put a new HU, speakers, sub, and amp in my X. I removed the factory sub and amp/ I have run new wires to my amp from HU (RCAs and PCON), and wires from my amp to the sub. I did get a factory harness, for the new door speakers and rear speakers. These are powered directly from the HU.

I hope this helps, and if you need more info please ask.


i would just run new cables from the amp to the speaker doors, dont bother with the harness, those cables are not that good anyways, just run an rca cable from the HU to the high/mid amp and new cables to the door speakers, and an rca for the bass

heysuse frickin christo!!! if anyone has a spare rear cargo/net thingy that they wanna get rid of let me know. i just broke all the clips on mine trying to get to my factory amp, the damn thing is useless now.
while i'm on the subject, does anyone know of a easy way to take off the back passangerside panel to access the amp to bypass it????

put the back seat down, remove the upper seat belt bolt (T55 i think) then remove all the plastic push clips around the top and rear. it might have a philips screw under the carpet by the tire well.

to bypass the amp, you have to do one of the following:
1) run new speaker wire to all 4 speakers from the HU
2) run 4 pairs of speaker wire to the factory amp and splice to "out" side of the amp. you can buy the premium sound bypass harness at Best Buy. cut the smaller plug off the harness and join the 4 pair that way.
3) cut both plugs off at the factory amp and try to figure out a correct way to splice everything