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Dash lights


September 4, 2007
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I would be grateful for any advice on how to solve my problem. My instrument cluster lights slowly went out 1 by 1 so I changed them all with LEDs using the post by Mustang51 as a guide. After putting everything back together, the lights came on for about 15 seconds and then all the dash and interior lights went out. I have a 95 Explorer with the keyless entry and the automatic dimming mirror and low light sensing headlights. When I manually turn the lights on using the headlight switch, when I turn the nob to the first position (parking lamps), I can see the dash lights come on for a brief second and then everything goes dark. Repeated turning of the headlight switch does the same thing (a very brief "flash" of the lights and then darkness). I have replaced the dimmer switch as well as the headlight switch and checked the fuses and no change in the results. Additionally, and not sure if this is related, none of the door courtesy lights work. I have not checked the bulbs in those. All of the other lights work (glove box, headlights, brake lights, interior lights when the dimmer switch is rolled to the top position).

Any ideas as to what is causing the lights to briefly come on and then go dark?

I am still having issues with my interior lights and have read other postings about people solving this problem by just bypassing the dimmer switch. How exactly is this done? Does this just mean you disconnect the entire wiring harness from the dimmer or are there specific wires that you disconnect?

hey, im not very good on electrical but make sure youve read my recent thread no dash lights. not sayin my fix is yours but they discuss the way they found there problem and what to repair..dude made a video and posted it..i wouldve never found my problem, it was a broke solder joint..may give you a new diagnostic route