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disable balance shaft by removing chain

Yea I've never seen a purely hydraulic tensioner an any motor by any manufacturers they all have a spring usually with hydraulic tension.

Check out this tensioner most people think it's spring only... I'm like wow

People swear the spring is the problem... Until I mention this...

Often the small hole either on the tensioner is clogged or in the wrong position ECT... Their all hydraulic somehow.... This is gm but that causes alot of problems in almost all gm vehicles the hole clogs then their running on a spring...basically don't buy gm.

Do the various V-8s Ford built/builds all use a SPRING-LOADED chain tensioner? I think 4.6 does. A spring makes more sense to me than a hydraulic piston starting up with no pressure behind it.

4.6 used cast iron housing spring backup hydraulic tensioners with a ratcheting lock which held tensioner in a fixed position with 0oil pressure similar to a manual tensioner but benefit of automatic adjustment with oil pressure. Great system, no gasket to blow out like the later composite tensioners. Go figure by mid 03, the 4.6 no longer used the reliable ratchet style. I never have seen a cast iron fail, and you can upgrade a composite to cast.

As far as cloyes, they are most definitely NOT Ford. Ford parts are PA66 material. cloyes is the dorman of the tensioner arm world.