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Dragging brake


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February 23, 2006
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'07 Eddie Bauer 4x4
Just to share a phenomenon. After changing out the rear brake pads of our ’02 Explorer back in 2008 there was a dragging rear right brake just a day later. I cleaned the pads and pushed back the caliper and everything went fine for some 10k mls. In Spring 2011 when I started to use the ’02 only occasionally the rear right brake started dragging, creating a lot of heat. Checked the pads and caliper and everything looked fine. Lubricated pads and sliders.

Last week when I test drove the ’02 after a three month break the rear right brake was dragging again. Because I expected this I was prepared. Took the car into my shop and examined the brake. The pads were not stock on the slider rails, the piston was stuck. So I exchanged the caliper Friday (I already had it in stock) with new brake pads & slider rails.

What concerns me a little is the reason this could happen. From time to time I change brake pads on different vehicles and I normally push back the caliper piston with a large C-clamp. This shouldn’t disturb the piston….

What do you think?

I always use a c-clamp and have never had an issue. I put a piece of wood, etc. between the clamp and the piston so I don't damage the piston.

Never had a problem pusing them back with a c clamp either, but did recently buy the tool kit for those newer calipers that incorporate the parking brake with the caliper (also use for normal calipers too). Also, always make sure the cap of reservoir is off as I've had instances where you return back to the caliper and see reservoir pressure pushed the piston back out some (if cap is on).