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Driver rear quarter glass install.


March 26, 2011
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Topeka, Kansas
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'94 Explorer Eddie Baurer
I have a 94 explorer, 4 door. How do I replace the driver side rear quarter window? ( the big one behind the door , not the hatch. )

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Im looking it up in the book. I will post pics from the book here shortly. It looks like you have to remove the interior panel for starters. One sec ill get the pics up.

Instructions on Removing rear interior panel. this is from my 91 book which is a 2 door so some things may be slightly different.

Pretty much anything that is attached to the interior panel such as the seat belt pivot point (you can pull that plastic cover off and its a star nut underneath.) the coat hanger just screws off. and all the interior plastic anchor screws i would suggest getting the proper tool from the auto parts store. and possibly ordering new ones in case you mess them up. Noober1 has a post with a web site to buy the color specific interior plastic screws. i would replace them because after re installation they may rattle. the cargo cover attachment needs to come off too.



Removal / Installation instructions for that window. Again this is for my 91 so some things may be a little different.




If there is any questions i could try and help or if you need bigger or clearer pictures i can do that too. i hope this helps.

It's really easy. Remove the inside plastic over the quarter panels. use 10mm socket to remove all the nuts (8 i think). then push from the inside in one corner firmly, but gently. It's best to have someone to catch the glass on the outside.

To install, remove all the rubbery sealant stuff and replace with new. It's kindle of a rope of sticky black rubber. Install that onto the glass and make sure there is overlap where the two ends meet. Carefully replace the glass lining up the studs with the hole they live in. then reinstall the nuts tightening a little at a time as you work your way around. That way you won't over tighten one side and crack the glass. it takes about 30 minutes, maybe 45 your first time.

If there is any questions i could try and help or if you need bigger or clearer pictures i can do that too. i hope this helps.

I truely Thank you for the pix. Is there any way I could get pic 2 and 5 blowed up a couple scale's? Maybe with a little more detailed pic of those 2 I wont have any left over bolt's lol.

Going by you'r book, I do NOT need some sort of wire to go , say , under the window from inside to the outside, to cut the sealent , am I reading that right, all "hardware" job?

This is as big as i can get it, if you right click the image and "view image" it will show up bigger.

Just like Tweaked said its pretty simple. If you haven't done this before just take your time. get the interior panel off and do just like Tweakedlogic said. make sure everything is unbolted and choose a side of glass and push gently but firmly.

i don't think you would need to use a wire. the only time the book mentions the use of wire or a window sealant knife is when it is describing the removal of the windshield.



Just make sure you have all the nuts off, and if the sealant is the original butyl seal, it will pop off with just some minor pressure. Over time the butyl loses its stickyness, and usually the window leaks, requiring replacement of the seal.

Buy 1/4" butyl ribbon (the 3M stuff is best) to re-seal it. if you use the stuff in a caulk tube (urethane windshield adhesive), it will seal tight but it may never be removeable again. One strip of butyl ribbon is enough to do both windows if you just apply it the same way as the factory stuff, you'll see how to do it with the ends on the bottom of the window when you pull it off.

It's really easy. The only difference with the 4 door is you do not have to take any of the trim off at the front doors. Only the 2 doors need that since the plastic is all one piece.
Watch out for the seat belt bolt. It's really tight & it's a torx. T55 or T60 don't remember which one.
You can pickup the butyl ribbon tape at Napa stores.