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For Sale eaton m112 supercharger 96-01 302 5L explorers kit





i am selling the eaton m112 supercharger that i had on my explorer
this is a eaton m112 that was on the 03-04 mustang cobra's that i adapted to fit under the hood of the 2nd gen explorers.
i had this on my explorer for around 5 years with basically no problems what so ever and was also very driveable with the correct tuning
what you will get
eaton m112 supercharger head unit
Reichard Racing 2.8 supercharger pulley
fabricated mount to fit supercharger onto a explorer lower intake
TMOSS ported lower explorer intake
fabricated intake elbow that can except 98-01 external egr valve (will also include a block off if you have a 96-97 or want to delete egr system) this elbow can also except a throttle body up to 80mm
fabricated coil mount
fabricated tube from maf to throttle body
fabricated pulley bracket
trickflow fuel rails
aem water meth kit (no tank)
as much hardware as possible (you may have to buy a few bolts and nuts)

what you need to get
a remote fuel pressure regulator (aftermarket)
2 spacers that go in behind the pulleys that are on the pulley bracket (i have the measurements)
2 spacers for behind pulley bracket (i have the measurements)
silicon couplers to join your throttle body to the intake tube and from the tube to your maf (ebay)
the correct lenght belt (i can give you the one that was on it, but it will be at least a inch longer, but it may get you in the ballpark)
new plug wires because the coil packs are hung off the side of the supercharger and no longer in factory location.

i also can email you a copy of instructions that i have from a old ee supercharger kit that can help guide you with the install of this supercharger

the bad
there is one small scratch on one of the rotors. i tried to get a picture of it, but it wouldnt show.
the mount was made from alum, and when the person welded it it warped it, but once its bolted down it comes into shape.
they are used parts. they will not be spotless, they well come the way i pulled them off the truck
the tube between the throttle body and maf has been drilled for holes for items that i have had in the past, and sealed over with black tape. they still hold, but if you need or want can use them for what ever you may need, or put plugs in them.
coil pack bracket has broke in the past. i had to make new tabs for it then screw them onto it.

the only thing i am wanting to keep from this that is in the picture is the screw/bolt on the front of the supercharger pulley if i am able to get it off. the pulley is a press on so it will not fall off or spin off if it is not there.

you will need to have some skills putting this kit on. if you have never turned a wrench, you may want to hire someone. i have tried to dumb it down a lot when i made this so its not too complicated but you will need some thinking for somethings

i live in canada, do not be surprised if shipping is over $100 or more. buyer will pay actual shipping cost. if you want insurance on it (recommended) that is also on you.

i will except paypal in u.s. funds, you will pay any and all paypal fees. if you live in canada, i can except etransfer, but that also will be in u.s. funds.
payment will be made in full before i will ship it out. i have been a member here for 10 plus years and have a good standing here as well.

if you need help or cant figure something out while putting this on your truck, i will be more then happy to try and help you anyway i can. in otherwords, it wont be you bought it, its your problem, not mine

if you have any questions PLEASE ASK before buying. i will answer what i can as honestly as i can

i and asking $3000 or best reasonable offer plus the shipping.

or, i will sell it minus the meth kit, and tmoss lower for $2500 plus shipping



TMOSS lower ported explorer intake on top, stock explorer intake on the bottom







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