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Elbe Hills Web Site


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May 18, 2004
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We're working on updating the PNW4WDA website so that it will be everyone's primary resource for trail information in the pacific Northwest.

Here's a link to the start of the new web page. I'm no web guru so it's going to be simple, but we want to get the information on there that everyone wants.
Yes, I know I have a few clerical errors that I need to fix...

I have posted up some trail descriptions. These are not complete. If you'd like to provide a trail description for one of the other trails that we've not done yet or would like to add something to the the ones that I have done. Post up, I'll look at them and see what I can add.

We've got a section there for Elbe Trail reports... If you've got a report from Elbe that you'd like to see up there, give me the link and I'll get it added. I don't really want just pictures on a page, I'd like to see a story or some captions on the pictures to make the reading more interesting.

We're going to try to add a sub-forum to our Trail Information section on the PNW4WDA forum and move all the Elbe related stuff to that forum. We'll link this off the web page when it's up and running. This will have all sorts of info about Elbe, including work parties, land matters issues, trail updates, a place to ask questions and get answers from people who know. I'm going to see if I can get Nancy Barker, the DNR person for Elbe Hills to monitor the forum as well, that way you can get answers right from the boss herself.

We're going to work on this project for all the trail systems that the PNW4WDA and it's member clubs are responsible for maintaining. PS, we have begun the adopt a trail program at Elbe Hills and would like to get some more clubs involved. So far, the Timber Tamers have stepped up and taking on the Sunrise Trail. Any clubs out there that like to run at Elbe frequently, interested? If so, please contact me.

A couple of other things regarding the web pages. If you've got some great shots but not a trip report, get the info to me along with a caption or story about the picture. I'd like to have a section for these as well. If you've got videos for Elbe Hills, but don't know where to post them, again, contact me and we'll arrange the hosting. If you would like to create a trip report but don't have anywhere to host it, again, get me the info in whatever format you can, we'll put it together and host it for you.

If you have other ideas or suggestions, again, please let me know and we'll take a look at them.