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Exhaust Tips???? Need Ideas


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October 10, 2006
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Houston, TX
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05 Eddie Bauer
Ok I've had the Gibson Cat back on my explorer for a few months now. Been happy with it overall. I came standard with the 2.5 to 3 in angled round tip. My question is does the tip actually change the sound of the exhaust or is it just for looks. Yesterday I unfortunately crushed the exhaust tip while doing a little off roading to avoid traffic and ended up going over about a 4 foot slight grade drop. Everything cleared except the exhaust tip and not its shaped in a half moon and looks like crap. So my options are : round angled, round, square angled, square, or oval. I like the look of the borla tips, but back to the question does the tip change the tone or is is just for looks. I dont know if the square or round design would look better. Any ideas????

Is it worth getting and intercooled exhaust tip or does it really matter?

I just got this exhaust on my Explorer today and it's a lot louder then I was thinking it was going to be. Did you notice any changes in your mpg good or bad?

The tip is just for looks. Buy what you think would look best on the end of your truck.

i recently put a cherrybomb glasspack in a week or 2 ago... as far as i can tell, performance has improved a bit... my 0-60 was about 11 or 12... now im at 8.5 secs... im about to calculate my mpg once i fill up again.. seems like its making a difference