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Explorer seats... very uncomfortable.

I've had both the regular seats in my old '95 (look just like the one's in the Ranger picture above) and now have power seats in my '97 (just like the other picture). The power seats are 100 times more comfortable than the regular seats. Try sitting in an Ex with power seats and see what you think. They'll bolt right in, you'd just have to wire the power options.

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Swap some seats from a 1st gen in. They're very comfortable. And SaleenEXP, will there be a post I read that you have posted in without you mentioning your mom's friend's 'highly modified Porsche RUF Turbo'? :D

i took the stock cloth pwer seats out of my 96 xlt and put in some sweet leather i bought off ebay out of a 2000 X. both the fronts and rears are real comfortable. althought i never had a problem with the seats that were in there, they were also comfortable, just wanted some skin baby!

My 91 and 97 (Both eddies with leather) are both very comfy...I think the 97 is a bit more comfortable, and a lot more adjustable...Id say get some leather seats...

My '96 Eddie has cloth sport buckets (same as onelasttry) and they're awesome!! Try sitting in a '98 Honda Accord and you'll be surprised how comfy the seats in the Explorer are.