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factory remote start / 06 explorer

I will have to double check, but I believe that is what I had done but did not get any honking horn when I opened the door. I guess that means I do not have an alarm. :confused:

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Most Explorers that wer pre-06 had factory alarms. Atleast it was an option. Must have been a cost savings for ford. (Go figure when they are closing plants). Ford calls it a alarm and insurance companies take it as one. But reallys is it NO.

DONNER: You may want to try an online retailer. However look into a shop first that will install an alarm that is not theirs. Some of Ma-Pa shops (small shops) will install a product that they do not sell. Keep in mind though the warranty they will mostly give will only be on the labor and not the product. Which means they would have to remove it and you sendit in where if you buy if from them they take care of all that. Most alarms come with a lifetime limited warranty.

Alright! Thank you for the advice... very helpful!

Some of the most common ones that i would recommend that most small shops would most likely are the auto page alarms. You can get their 727 on ebay for like 120 then i would say most would install it for about 150 to 200. this one has remote start on it also.

I'm confused, about this. I have an after market remote starter, on 06 explorer. When I start my truck with the remote, you can not press the brake nor change gears, without the truck stop running. My confusion, is how can it be stolen?