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Factory Remote Start PATS Key Question


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July 24, 2008
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08 EB 4x4 V6
Hi there I have a 08 Explorer with factory remote start (Gold System) and was wondering if it bypasses the PATS (Securilock) or if I still need to have a PATS key to start the truck. And also if i try to start the truck without a PATS key what will happen. Would the truck just not start or would it go into theft mode or something. Thanks

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the remote start bypasses the pats system for the remote start only. you still need a pats key to start it with the key. if you start it with a non pats key, it wont even crank. and the theft light will flash rapidly.

okay but if you try to start with a non pats key will it lock up and have to get taken to ford or will nothing happen.

if you try it too many times it will drop all the keys is has stored in the computer.

you still need to bypass the pats system during the remote start. the remote start doesnt do it for you its an extra module.

as far as i know it will not erase the keys. It will only not allow the car to start. I believe you can start it with a pats key right away after trying a non pats key. if that doesnt work, wait a few minutes and try again with a pats key.

just carry the pats key. dont give yourself a headache over this.