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Factory Stereo - Aftermarket Amp

dave d dizzo

January 2, 2009
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Fredericksburg, VA
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08 Explorer SportTrac XLT
So I just purchased an Alpine MRP-F300 Amp for my 2008 Sport Trac. I've got the factory stereo head unit with no subwoofer. I upgraded the speakers a while back to some great Polk Speakers. While I am waiting for my amp to arrive from Crutchfield, I wanted to find out if anyone had any advice/wiring diagrams for the amp. Sadly, as I am sure you know, the factory stereo doesn't have RCA Pre-Outs, so it's all down to the wiring for me....or so I think.

Any help? Anyone? Please! I am not completely clueless working on electronics, but this is my first Amp install. Not concerned about wiring the speakers and the power and all that jazz. Strictly the output from the stereo to the amp.

Thanks a lot!

Do a search for HI-LO converter, you can go to walmart and get a Scosche 4ch one for ~US$20

I used a PAC OEM-2 converter in my 96.

It also took the Ford 5V turn-on and converted it into a 12V. It also has a 2 second delay of the turn-on lead.

PAC OEM-2 manual: http://akamaipix.crutchfield.com/Manuals/127/127OEM2.PDF