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Finally pulled the trigger

Yeah I am going to try to set up a trip when I have some money. I just bought a new mountain bike as well so money is tight. I have some dirt roads by me but nothing great, I will get some action shots up when I can get out to some good trails. :thumbsup:

Poser shot lol-

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so how much lift did you actually end up with....????

and if you don't mind me asking.....what did something custom like
this run..??? money wise, and time wise...???

are you happy with the work they did...???
and are you happy with that set up..???, as compaired to a superlift
or a SAS, or even a bodylift, tt, shackles, addaleaf...???

sorry for all the questions, I just want to get everyones opinion on
the different setups we can do....

thanks in advance...


His setup is for a completely different purpose than the others you listed. It's not really apples to apples unless you're just lifting for looks.

Why do you want to lift?

I don't mind the questions, I did a lot of research before I did this and it helps when people actually answer questions instead of just saying "search!".

I don't have exact measurements but it looks like 2-3 inches out back and 3.5 up front. The torsion bars are not twisted at all though, so I can get another 2-3 inches up front if I wanted.

I am extremely happy with the work they did and it took less than 2 weeks to complete. I agree with Offtrac that this kit can not be compared to a superlift or sas/soa. I have not had much of a chance to test it but I have gone down a really rutted road at 40mph and it handled it no problem. Superlift= Lift, Sas/soa= crawler, Mid/long travel= go fast desert truck, that's really the simplest way to explain I think. Plus this thing drives really nice on road as well. I don't run any sway bars and it handles really well. It leans a lot in the turns but soaks up every dip, bump, pothole, etc. that you can think of. Also yesterday I climbed a hill without my locker that I could have never climbed before, and the tires gripped the whole way up. The shocks do very well at keeping the tires planted to the ground.

I bet it's awesome to see the immediate difference just in the driving performance, not just in the off-road performance. Part of me wishes I had gone with coil-overs instead of leaf springs/shocks up front just for the nice adjustable ride.

Finally mounted up my dust light-



Rigid industries a series accessory light, high power green

Dust light from about 100 feet away-



the bed cage looks SICK. just saying.

It's alright I guess...

I'm just messing around! It's really making me want a simple bed cage and just forget about a cantilever setup. It's cheaper but takes up room that the bed really needs for what I use it for.

Amazing how bright even the little A-series can be. I want some D2's reeal bad

Looks really good my man! I went with Camburg entry level kit for now. Im planning on coil overs in the front, eliminating the T-bars. And you beat me to the punch on the most awesome bed cage you had done! That thing rocks. Nice job!

Finally ordering tires today. I am getting either Mickey Thompson atz p3's or the Cooper st maxx. I was about to call my local tire shop and order the p3s when I realized the st maxx is the same tire, so if it is cheaper I will get that. I am going to order 285/75/16's. I read these tires run big, one guy said his 265 measured 32.8 but I will just trim until they fit.

according what I have seen, and the tires specs....

they DO run alittle larger, this size is a 31.5.

but the actual spec is 32 on the dot, as far as 32.8.. haha

I have 285/70/17s on my other truck and they actually measure,
32.4. and everybody says this size is 33s.

my 35/12.5/15s are actually 34.5.

ehh, it is what it is, not gonna cry over half a friggin inch, ha

my buddy has those tires, and he loves them, and they look great.


I have made few updates over the past few months. I added clear turn signals, aftermarket tail lights but still have the oem look (stock ones got busted from a family friend trying squeeze somewhere he didn't fit), 285/75/16 Terra Grapplers, and 4.56 gears. Everyone I talked to told me not to get 4.56s but they feel great. The rpms are a little high on the freeway if you go 75 or more but I usually go 65-70. The truck doesn't even have to work from a dig is the nice part, just a little gas and your on your way. I had the 3.73s with the 33s for about 2 weeks and the truck had to work hard just to get rolling and loved to ride on the torque converter.

The damage-


A little stump at my wifes work-

Which tail lights are those? If that's how they are without putting any extra tint those are perfect. Exactly what I would want. Good clean build, definitely a favorite on here now

Just some red ones I found on ebay. I was skeptical but they line up perfect and so did the screw holes and they look better than I thought they would. Just look up "sport trac tail light" On ebay and you will see these with in the first 2 pages. There is only 1 top rated seller for this style and he got them to me 2 days after I ordered them.