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Fog lights and basic wiring question


April 16, 2009
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Eastpointe, MI
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1995 Explorer Sport 4 dr
This weekend I picked up a 99 bumper with fog lights. I clipped the wires on the fog lights about 6 inches past the harness. So I have the harness and two wires coming out of it. I also grabbed the bezel with the factory fog light button. I cut that as far back as I could before it started into another bundle of wires. The on off switch has four wires.

How do I run the two wires from each fog light back to the switch? If someone could make a diagram with a relay or fuse (or just explain it) that would be great. I am not sure what each of the 4 wires on the switch are. I didn't see any plugs for them when I swapped the bumper. I was hoping that it would have been wired for it.


one of the wires are the button momentary switch that has to run to a relay t run the lights then one is 12V input one is ground and one lights up the illumination

basically the momentary switch triggers the relay which sends power to the lights

register at the autozone site for "free"... go to the repair info... pull up the wiring... go to external lighting...pull up fogs... you will quickly see the wiring and understand what the previous poster indicated. You need a relay which may or may not be wired towards the aux relay box 1.

to heck with the factory wireing, it wont be there, I say just add your own relay under the hood somewhere and wire that to the switch and the fog lights

it might also be handy to add a second relay to switch the 12V source with the headlights