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Front rotors

Willie Two

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November 11, 2010
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Central Canada
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2005 SportTrac
Hi to all. It's been a while since I've been on this awsome site. My Sport Trac has been a great truck (2005). I just replaced my brake pads all around and have decided to replace the front rotors too. Any special tools or tricks to doing this rotor replacement ?? It's a 2005 4WD. Thanks in advance. Willie.

Nope, you already know you need a 13mm wrench fot the caliper bolts and you need a 15mm wrench (sometimes with breaker bar) for the caliper bracket bolts.

If you haven't already done it I would suggest taking brake cleaner and cleaning out the sliders (take the rubber grommets off the slider bolts, clean them out with q-tips as well as the caliper brackets inside the slider sleeves) and regrease the sliders with caliper pin grease. The rear calipers are usually worse the the fronts.

Oh yeah, you'll need a c-clamp to to compress the calipers but you probably already have that if you've replaced the pads.

Thanks alot for the advice, it's really appreciated !!