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Fuel filling problems


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July 19, 2013
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2002 Explorer Ltd
I have an '02 Explorer Ltd that was recently rustproofed. I now have problems when filling up with gas. When pumping, the pump keeps clicking off after a litre or so of gas. I guess there is some kind of valve(s) that allows air out of the tank while filling that's stuck closed. There's no sign of fuel backing up in the filler tube, so I'm thinking it's air pressure shutting off the pump.

I wonder if someone could point me in the right direction to find this valve(s) or whatever controls the air replacement while filling and resolve my problem. Takes me 10 minutes to fill from empty and the people behind me are really ticked off.

If you can dumb it down and provide pics I would really appreciate it.


I had the same problem, couldn't pump gas at full flow, The gas would burp out of fill hole. This mean that the fuel tank isn't venting properly as its filling up. Thought it was a blockage in vent, found an assembly which was bolted under the frame, it had a solenoid, carbon canister and some little box. The replacement of the canister was 150,-. I just removed the assembly and connected the vent hose from tank and hose to fill hole together. Have no problems now.