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Gauge & driving lights not working


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May 23, 2005
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Brockton, MA
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1997 XLT 5.0
I have a 96 ford explorer and recently lost my instrument lights & driving lights. (headlights, brake lights, turn signals, radio and instruments all work, just no illumination). I checked all fuses, fuses and relays in the power control boxes, and headlight switch. funny thing happens with the headlight switch. the first position should turn on the driving lights and the second should turn on the headlights and dim radio. right now the headlight come on in the first position and nothing else in the second. replace the headlight switch and the same thing happens.

Any suggestions ??

if you know the 2nd headlight switch is good, i would look at the multi###tion switch (turn signal switch) on the steering column.

thanks for posting this. it is my post on another site. looks like a lot of good info here. I will check out the multifunction switch