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December 20, 2008
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Madison, SD
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2000 Explorer Limited
Greeting from South Dakota. Found this forum through a search engine and I had to join. I own a 200 Explorer Limited for a year now and love it. Nice ride, good mileage, and room to haul if needed. I will post a question at a later date.


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Welcome to this forum! What would you like to know?

Welcome To Explorer Forum!

Welcome to the site! :)

LCPL- Lieutenant Corporal? Military or law enforcement? That's all I could think of for the username.

Welcome to the board. It's nice to see another V8 owner in these uncertain economic times. A lot of people are running scared.


Thanks for the welcome remarks.

My Explorer has the 5.0 V-8 and AWD. Love it. Makes SD Winters easier. Not easy, but less dificult to get around.

To answer the question about my screen name, I was a Lance Corporal in the Marines, 1977 - 1979. Medical discharge for a bum knee. I had it replaced in August, 2008. A bit young, but I can walk with much less pain now.

The primary question I have about my vehicle is how can I turn the RSS default mode to OFF. The cold weather, with the exhaust steam and snow, drives me crazy with the beeping. It also makes it annoying whild trying to launch the pontoon for fishing.

Thanks for any help.