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Greg Kosmo's 1997 Explorer EB

Well since I've been here for half a year and haven't said much, I figured I might as well introduce my Explorer. It and I are the same model year, so I think it makes us closer.

We picked it up in March of 2012 for $4000, with 40,000 miles on the motor and 114,000 on everything else. I didn't really drive it regularly until August of 2013, which is when I got my first job. Back then, I didn't really know much about vehicles other than how to change the oil, so that was usually all I ever did to it.

The first real work I did to it was replacing the stereo (and putting in a sub) in March of 2014 after my stock unit started crackling. I was on a high school budget, so the parts and work were... shoddy to say the least. I ended up replacing everything (door speakers, amp, and head unit) in September of 2015 when I started college and got a much better paying job. It sounds great now, by the way.

The next thing I replaced were the upper control arms, lower ball joints, and all 4 shocks, which I did in February. Square Tire quoted me 870 bucks just for ball joints and control arms, I ended up doing it all for 200. I wish I had taken some pictures during the process, but I guess I just got too in to it. That and I was too exhausted to even bother after it was over.

Over the weekend, I replaced both headlights, which as usual became a harder job than it should have been because the plastic clips on them broke. Nothing a little hot glue couldn't fix, though.

Now, just today, I replaced the sway bar bushings to FINALLY get rid of that annoying clunking in the front end. I'll probably post some pics tomorrow.

Okay, now that my wall of text is finally over, I'll throw in some pictures. As it sits, it has around 60k on the motor and 134k on the rest. The only real "defect" on the body is the beautiful peeling clear coat on the hood.



This one was after repainting the grille.

I took this one once I got the new headlights in.


I don't really have huge plans for it right now other than routine maintenance, as college is sucking up most of my spare cash. I figure, however, that I can use this thread as a place to post any of the maintenance I do just because it might help someone in the future. Anyway, thanks for checking it out!

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Nothing is quite as nice as being able to open the hood and it hold itself while you disassemble the SOHC, lmao I'm kidding, mostly, can't wait to see the progress. I ended up with a 4.0 SOHC so I'm tossing back and forth the V8 Eddie Bauer, I think I'm going to though, this 4.0 if so will be up for sale, unless I keep it for a third truck.

You could probably convince me I'm dyslexic and that it's really the 12th because it feels like just a day ago I got all this done... Anyhow, park brakes and struts are replaced, and the brown wire mod is in. Horray! I'd be lying if I told you it was a seamless process, those brakes are more of a pain replacing then they're worth. You can damn well guarantee I'm going to use them every opportunity I can for all the fuss they put up though. Here's a pic of the new "actual" 2wd switch:


Pretty happy with it all; switch works great, so does the park brake, and my hatch doesn't try to decapitate me when it's windy anymore :D. Now what could I print off to put on that switch...

I have that radio in both of my cars, I did get the Bluetooth one though for my V8 truck, it's a nice unit, I got 2 12" subs in the back and it's clean and clear.

Yeah it's not too bad, wish I would've been smart enough to think ahead and get the Bluetooth one too. Mine always makes this weird click like a CD skipping for the first ~30 seconds a phone is plugged into the usb. Gets really annoying. What kind of subs you got?

I got 2 Dual 12" subs in a bandpass box I gave $50 for, they're really loud, not the nicest subs in the world but I have them hooked to a 600w Walmart amp and they're loud enough, when I get my Eddie Bauer done I'm gonna do 2 12s in it too but they'll be a lot nicer and the entire system will be nicer, touch screen radio and all going in there.

Y'know, my dad always told me as you got older you started to notice leaks and funny sounds you never used to, I just didn't know it was going to happen this soon....

Now, about my Explorer.

Haha in all seriousness an oil leak has manifested over the course of the winter and it was finally nice enough to get a good look at it today. Here's what I'm working with:



Here's a video:

As you can see it appears to originate around the oil filter, then runs down the crankcase and lands on the passenger side cat. The bell housing/transmisson pan and front diff are wet, too. I am a little low on oil; around the lower 3rd of the crosshatch on the dipstick but this has been happening for a couple months so it must be a slow leak. I'll keep you updated on whatever I discover, I'm open to any suggestions at this point.

Other than that for updates, I replaced the battery last weekend and have new fog lights on the way after I lost one on the way back from the parents'. Also just for ***** and giggles I had my insurance agent quote me coverage on a new Focus ST since I have a real job now... Needless to say I won't be buying new any time soon, at least voluntarily :wtf:

New fog lights & brackets are in! Got them installed this past weekend, old ones were super rusty:

Here a glamour shot with both installed:

Tore the dash apart yesterday and got the headlight switch fixed too. Damn knob fell off and the screws holding the switch to the dash broke off so I had to operate them with a pair of pliers haha