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Headlight "Bakeability"

I broke off some permaseal, and put it by itself in the oven at 285 degrees for 28 minutes (as per instructions from TRS). I expected maybe it would melt, or at least deform slightly. Nope. I took it out and it was *slighty* pliable / stretchable. Thats it. Cant imagine the headache that awaits me.

thanks [MENTION=227464]joshdhat[/MENTION] for providing these basic steps:
Dissemble the headlights,
start on the bottom, there will be 2- t20 torxs screws on the bottom and one on the side. then remove the stock ballast, 4 7mm screws. unclip the connections. remove the running light and blinker. there is also a 7mm bolt on the back of the housing that needs to be removed. repeat for other headlight.

Here's some more pics regarding headlight disassembly: The first 2 pics are where the T20 torxs screws are. The 3rd is the turn signal and bolt. The 4th is the marker/parking light. The 5th, I'm thinking you should also remove the dust cover? The last image shows the metal clip. Doubt this needs removing, but I did for good measure.


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