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Hello from Seoul


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January 28, 2016
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2015 Explorer Limited
Hi, my name is John Lee, 2015 Ford Explorer Limited owner in Seoul, Korea.
Owners in Korea do many modifications to the Explorer, so I would like to share them with you.

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What kind of modifications have you done? And welcome to the forum!

안녕하세요 텍사스 에서 !

annyeonghaseyo tegsaseu eseo !

Welcome to this forum!

Welcome! I would love to visit Korea in the near future. Cheers from Vegas!

Modifications I have done to my car

MayJan, chefduane, Mike65, BrooklynBay, tonytheexplorer,
Thanks everyone for welcoming me to the forum.

MayJan asked what modifications I have done to my explorer, so here are some informations.
Most of the modification was done at a shop called Special Edition in Korea.

So far, I have done custom intake, head up display, head lamp black bezel, matt black front grill, EGR bug deflector with interceptor lettering, 2nd row seat heating. I have also added on/off switch for 3rd row automatic folding, and since seat buckle on the 2nd row is always sticking out, I have changed the screws on the buckle.

I'm planning to do 6p front brake with 380mm rotor, 22 inch wheels, black front and rear ford emblem, and custom paint the front grill blade, door catcher, rear molding, and roof rack in black.

I want to share some photos with you but it seems it's bit difficult to link the pictures. Can anyone help me with this?

Click the go advanced box under the quick reply box. You will see another page with a box called manage attachments. You could upload a few photos directly into a post.

Thanks for the advise BrooklynBay!
However, I don't see the image attachments box at the go advanced option but since I'm not an elite member so maybe this is the reason.
But I've found a way to upload the pics, so here they are.

1. This is how my car looks like at moment.
Matt black grill, black bezel headlamp, EGR bug guard with interceptor lettering.
I'm planning to change the blue oval emblem to black oval emblem as soon as my order arrives.

2. Black bezel headlamp
The original headlamp on the explorer has chrome bezel but the shop disassembled the headlamp and repainted the chrome with matt black paint. The mechanic at the shop used soldering tip to disassemble the headlamp then used silicon and glue to put the parts together.



3. Custom intake
The owner of the shop mainly handles explorer and he has background in racing so he purchased couple of intakes which was already in the market and tested them to see pros and cons about the products. Then he made couple of prototypes and launched in the market in early 2015. He made version two in late 2015 and the one I have in my explorer is version two.



4. Jun.BL 89.1 phi titanium twin muffler tip





5. Custom front & rear member bushing washers
This fills the gap at the member.
As you can see in the picture, there is a gap when you disassemble the member.
The washers are custom designed to fill this gap.
Once installed this reduces rolling of the vehicle at the corners and stabilizes the vehicle while driving.