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Hi guys great site!


I'll have another...
March 1, 2009
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Monroe, MI
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2006 XLT
Im new here, obviously lol.

I LOVE the site, ive visited quite a few times, not sure why I didnt register then lol.

I have a 1992 Eddie Bauer Explorer,
its in GREAT condition, besides the rocker panels are gone basically from rust, and some wheel well rust, and a few small spots above the gas door.

Im jobless right now, so I cant put much into the engine, but ive traded alot, and bought some stuff, and did all the audio/video on the inside, which is in MINT condition, besides the drivers seat which the leather is slightly ripped on the bottom, when I noticed that i was heartbroken haha.

Audio/Video: (Currently)
Sony CDX-GT720 Headunit w/ HD Tuner
4 High Power Silk Tweeters (One per door)
2 Three-Way Sony front door speakers
(Rear doors are still stock besides tweeters)
2 15" Kicker L7 Subs in a ported box
Hifonics Brutus Amp, pushing 3600 watts
Kinetic High Power Audio Battery (Equal to 100-1 Farad caps)
4 Gauge power wiring, two more 8 gauge sets ran for door speaker amps, I just gotta get the amps lol.
And a 12" Flipdown monitor for the backseat
In the next few days im supposed to be getting a flipout 8" touchscreen headunit.

Ill have pics up as soon as I can find my camera! lol

I have a billet grille, and in the interior I put in the blue bulbs for the door lights, and the lights on the roof, and 7-color changing LED's in the maplights.

I plan on changing the gauge lights and every light in the dash to LED's as soon as I can get the money, BEING JOBLESS SUCKS! lol

I got into a small fender bender one day when it was icy and bent my bumper a tad, and the right front wheel well has a small bend to it, too.

I want to change the 2 brake lights and 2 front blinkers to LED's, but then my blinkers wont work, so I just put the LEDs in the 3rd brake light.

But yea I love the site, and ill get pics up asap! Hopefully later on tonight