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Hooray it's here, nightmare pick-up though

Two things you can do that will actually have some effect.

1. Name the dealer and the salesman. Word of mouth is the best way to ensure no one else has to deal with that type of treatment.

2. Hammer the dealership and the salesman on the after sales survey. They do read them, they will call you back and they will send it to the Dealer Principal. At the very least that guy should be looking for new employment.

Congrats on the new Ex.

^What he said!

Sorry your experience was a crappy one, but I hope you are enjoying your new ride!!! Pics of the Explorer or the story was BS:D

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^What he said!

Sorry your experience was a crappy one, but I hope you are enjoying your new ride!!! Pics of the Explorer or the story was BS:D

Ha, BS huh? I'll work on the pics, my EX already needs a wash, but I'm loving getting to know this car so far! :D

I switched Ford Dealers mainly because I got an attitiude from a salesperson because he was "hungover and tired" from being out too late the night before. They dragged the deal on and on...it the same time period, I bought my X in an hour and a half from the dealer the original was supposed to get it from....and I got the deal I wanted! I sent the original dealer an email on this...and never received a response...SHOCKING!


I apologize for the poor experience you had at your initial dealer. When you receive your Customer View Point Survey letter, please be sure to include these details.

The objectives of the Customer Viewpoint Program are to:

Receive feedback on how effectively Ford Motor Company and our dealerships perform in satisfying customers

Focus Ford Motor Company and dealership personnel on understanding and responding to the needs and expectations of our customers

Provide information which identifies areas where we can improve our services to our customers

Your feedback will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance.


Thought I would add an update to conclude my saga. Called the dealer yesterday morning to see about coming in to get my paperwork, plates, and splashguards. Salesperson said to bring it in to the service bay and they would take care of it, but he won't be there (fine with me, I thought).

I brought it in and they took it back to the service bay to install the splash guards, but didn't know anything about paperwork. I wander on to the sales floor and find my salesperson at his desk, surprised to see me. He says to me, "didn't they give you the paperwork in the service bay?" He gets up, acting very inconvenienced to go find my envelope then comes back to me and says they'll give it to me when they're done installing the mud flaps. I'm thinking you couldn't have just gotten it for me?

Anyways, got the splash guards and plates installed and they handed me my envelope of paperwork. I check it out and see that it's missing my proof of insurance so I have to go back to the sales guy and ask for it. After checking the envelope himself to prove it's not there, he disappears for a while and finally hands it to me.

I was happy to leave again, but I've got my EX and hopefully I can find another dealer in the area to provide decent service. I spent a little time with it yesterday and I have to say I'm loving it so far. Now I have to decide if I should let my husband borrow it, hmmm.

What dealer? What sales person?

You could help others to avoid them.

What dealer? What sales person?

You could help others to avoid them.

drober, the dealer is Hines Park Ford, I feel awkward giving out the sales guy's name on a public forum, if anyone really wants to know they could PM me.

I had almost the exact experience on my pick-up day, and I have 2 things to add that might help.

You coined it exactly rnmom (I'm an rn myself!) when you said it took the wind out of your sails. You get that phone call and are sky high only to run into a 4 hour unnecessary ordeal with some jerk, very deflating.

First, the survey that you will get is of utmost importance. I didn't know it at the time, but when purchasing my wife's explorer the next week (at a different and MUCH more friendly dealership) our salesman took the time to give us the low down. There are questions relating to your satisfaction with the dealership, the closing, the salesman, and your new Ex in the usual "completely satisfied" on down to "God Awful Experience" boxes for each one. If ANY ONE of those is checked as anything other than "completely satisfied" then Ford considers the whole thing a fail! Nice standards I think. Also, ALL x-plan buyer surveys are directly audited by Ford, whereas the others are done more by random sampling. You have a lot of power here since you had the x-plan. We were x-plan and our 2nd much more helpful sales guy was emphatic about how seriously Ford takes this into account.

The survey also provides a field for you to type in any relevant points of grievance, so let em have it! Ford holds negatively reviewed dealerships accountable as they are the face of their products.

He said they separate the questions about dealership satisfaction from vehicle satisfaction specifically, because though they go hand in hand, as you've seen, it is possible to love, love, love your explorer, and yet have a bad taste in your mouth from a crappy sales experience.

Secondly, the first dealership which was the bad one, initially wanted to charge me $750 in dealer fees. Of course, I had the x-plan so they were negated (which is when the frosty cold shoulder came thundering down), but for those who don't, I highly suggest looking for a Ford dealership that does not work on direct sales commissions.

The nice dealership, Mullinax Ford in Apopka, Florida, doesn't charge dealership fees to anyone we learned, and their salesmen, rather then earning a commission from a trumped up msrp, simply make a small set amount of money for each closing they
handle. Brilliant concept. Theyre motivated to simply sell you a car and handle the sale, not haggle over price and irritate you right out the front door, they'll lean over backwards to make the price right for you to buy. It might explain why this dealership has been around longer than all the others and moves more vehicles in Central Florida then they do (no I am not affiliated with them!)

So my suggestion to any potential buyers who do not have the x-plan is to call around and find out which dealerships operate this way. It protects you more than you know financially and emotionally. Also, I am astounded at the rates of the "dealership fees" I see going on. Not 3 months ago when I first started looking into my purchase, the going fee was averaging $450. Still ridiculous, but when I finally went to the dealership and saw the drool ebbing from the guys mouth as he gleefully told me there would be a " $750 standard nominal fee that everyone has to pay," I was shocked and then all too overjoyed to present him with my x-pan pin. But for as much he insisted that everyone charges that fee, that it's normal, suck it up and do it, I'm here to tell you that that's not true. Call around and see who's operating a dealership in a manner that I can't believe isn't a national standard.

Hope it helps, and I hope you enjoy your Ex as much as I do!!

drober, the dealer is Hines Park Ford, I feel awkward giving out the sales guy's name on a public forum, if anyone really wants to know they could PM me.

No need to name the sales person as the dealer is responsible to know their staff and how they treat their customers!

I have purchased a couple of vehicles from them over the years.

My Explorer is being ordered through Szott Ford in Holly MI. We just leased my wife's Fusion from them and my sales person did a dealer trade to get what we wanted. The process could not have gone any smoother.

Details handled over phone, paperwork completed at my sales persons desk!

Those Ford surveys do count and dealers/sales people want good reviews so make sure you fill it out.

Typical sale pitch. I would NEVER go back there anymore if such a sales guy pitch at me. I would even walk away from the deal too, leaving him nothing.

I'm impressed..

Don't be.

Dealer network lobbies have managed to get most states to pass laws preventing the factory from exercising any control over the dealers.

"Responds and takes action..

Takes action....NEVER happen, states laws do not allow that.

Thanks for completely missing my point.

What I was saying is the actions of the Ford representative on this website has directly impacted the buying experience of members here, through nothing more than direct contact.