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Idea/thought about front receiver winch mount


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December 31, 2008
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Lenoir City, TN
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2001 XLS 4wd
I'm going to have someone build a winch mount with a 2" receiver, this is no big deal and has been done a billion times...or they've just bought one pre-made.

This may be a dumb idea, but i'm just thinking/typing out loud.

I was wondering once a generic layout of the mount is made(like the ones you see on the 'net), if it would be logical/usefull to maybe run a couple detatchable bolt in bars from the winch mount down under the OE bumer, the lowered radiator and then connect to the IFS sub frame area. Then put some thick sheet metal connecting the two bars together serving as a skid plate. All being removable when not being off-roaded.

In my head this seems to work, but I don't have the experience/time in the seat you guys do. I don't want to do an all out tube bumper and lose my OE bumper(s).

The winch will be removed for my daily driver use, but I would like the convenience of the skid plate when off roading as the body lift exposes a good portion of the fragile radiator and those transmission lines.

Thanks for any help/advice. :salute:

imo that would be a lot of bolting and unbolting. make a permanent skid plate, ya never know what could fly up on or off road. just be sure it is braced well and bolted even better. i also relocated my trans cooler lines up higher when i added a second cooler

imo that would be a lot of bolting and unbolting.

I was thinking it'd just be 2 bolts(one on each side). :( Would be quicker than the swaybar endlink disconnect that takes me about 2 minutes.