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Ignition problem 1991 Ranger


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May 25, 2013
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Phoenix, AZ
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1991 Ford Ranger
I was having some electrical issues with Truck just cutting out going down the road, thought it might be ignition key switch, as if I jiggled the switch everything would come back on.
After replacing switch, noticed that everything went dead when key returned to "on" position, turned key slightly toward starting position and everything came back on. If I am very careful not to let key come all the way back after starting it, truck stays running, otherwise it cuts out and everything is off, like I turned the key to off position. Might this be the ignition switch down on the steering column, or is there a way to adjust the linkage to the ignition switch?

This is on a 1991 Ranger XLT, 3.0, 5 speed, tilt steering

The problem is the electrical switch that's bolted
to the steering column. Ford had lots of trouble
with these; even had a recall at one time. (The
switches came apart and lost contact.) There's no
adjustment to the actuator.

It's an easy and cheap repair; only two bolts
and an electrical connector.