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Information Center Quite Dim


November 26, 2011
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So Cal or S.E. Idaho (Depending on the season)
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2002 Eddie Bauer
I have a 2002 Eddie Bauer, recently purchased. The information center (instrument cluster, lower right) is quite dim. It's pretty easy to read at night but near impossible to see during the day. I collect Lincolns and the information centers (Tripminders) all go dim when the running lights are on, but get very bright when the lights are off. (daylight)

Am I missing something here, or is mine just not working properly? I see nothing in the owner's manual and my "Ebay find" shop manuals are not here yet.

Just something that bugs me.... Any nuggets of wisdom?

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Thank you for the info/links. Looks like an easy fix.


The fix isn't too bad. Takes less time than ripping it all out!

The fix isn't too bad. Takes less time than ripping it all out!

YEP! Dismantling the dash is almost ALWAYS a PITA. Re-soldering a few resistors takes 5 minutes.

I collect/restore Lincoln Mark VII's so I'm used to being frustrated!! I usually practice on a bone yard car when doing these things. I'll probably hit the local pick and pull and do it there first .... Probably pick up a replacement cluster, just to have one on hand. (I'm funny that way!) :D

The tutorials/threads here are quite helpful. This is a great board!


Good luck with the fix. Be sure to let us know how you make out!