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Instrument panel and parking light fuse blowing


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May 24, 2014
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Raleigh NC
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1997 Ford Explorer
Instrument panel and parking light fuse blowing. While fuse is not blown, these things may occur separately and at different times but do not occur every time: 1-left turn signal indicator light glows on even though turn signal is not on, 2-clock light flashes when turn signal is used, 3-both right and left turn signals or come on when a turn signal is used. While fuse is blown headlights come on when parking light switch is turned on and turn signals work properly.

is/was your truck equipped with wiring for a trailer? common place for shorts to occur.

Yes it does but I have not checked it. Interestingly enough, since I took one parking light bulb out (that worked fine) to get some replacement bulbs to see if that was the problem, I have not had any more issues. The bulb is still out and will stay out for now.