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Intermediate Steering Shaft????


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May 3, 2006
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MOORESVILLE, North Carolina
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99 XLT
:confused:I guess that is what broke from everything i have read on here and what the ford dealer said, but anyways this is what i have got. I noticed the steering wheel started to get some play in it i didnt think anything of it i just figured stuff is getting old and wore out whatever but thing is with the truck off i would get a quarter turn to the left and right before i would get any resistance so i looked under the dash grabed the shaft at the firewall and turned the wheel there was no play from hand to hand so that eliminated anything from steering wheel down to the firewall then i stuck my head in the fender well and when i grabbed the shaft outside it moved like a half inch side to side and you could see the shaft moving the gromet around at the firewall, but there was not that much play when i pushed on the shaft from the inside so does this intermediate shaft they speak of sit inside that gromet and when i breaks you get the real loose steering and you push and pull you shaft a half inch?????


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August 3, 2000
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B2 "Slightly" Modified


cant understand what it is you are asking


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July 30, 2005
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'96 XL
They are wll known for going out. Ive been through 3 of them in the last year alone. Go to the junkyard and find a few spares and swap one in. They are way to expensive to buy new.


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May 3, 2006
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City, State
MOORESVILLE, North Carolina
Year, Model & Trim Level
99 XLT
what i am asking is the intermediate shaft the part when it breaks makes you have play at the firewall like where the gromet is

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