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Inverter to kill battery completely


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January 27, 2009
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2001 Explorer Sport 2wd
Okay so I googled this and came up with nothing:

What I want to do is have a second battery to run an inverter off of, but I want to be able to completely drain the battery(yes I know this will destroy it but i'm not worried about that) every time I plug my inverter into something(even a 15w light), the voltage protection kicks in and shuts it off within 10 mins(the battery is old).

Is there a simple way to disable voltage protection on inverters? or a specific type of inverter without this feature?
Alternately, could I wire up 2 batteries in series with some kind of regulator so that I only get 12v?

Lastly, is there a better section for this sort of thing? I couldn't find one.

In case anyone wonders why im not worried about batteries, my dad works on hospital beds(some are battery powered), and when he replaces stuff if it looks useful he brings the old parts home, we have roughly 40 of these sitting in the garage, so even if I only get a few cycles it doesn't really matter.

I don't think the battery protection circuit is there just for the batteries protection. As the voltage drops it has to pull more amperage to get the same amount of "power". Eventually its going to be pulling more amperage and the voltage will be out of tollerance and things in the inverter will let go.

As for where to put this.. I'm thinking the audio section is probably the closest....


ive ran inverters for years in my Kenworth and all of the ones i have seen will shut off at some point, its a safety issue as it will pull more amps as voltage drops, can cause an inverter to catch fire, so even if u could disable it i wouldn't recommend it due to fire hazard