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Inverter questions


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March 3, 2009
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Okay so I want to get an inverter to put in my X, I have the cubby pocket in the passenger rear panel. I want to know If I can hook up and mount the inverter behind, the panel, and then install an outlet in the pocket.
But I am unsure If I connect it straight to the battery if it will be on all the time, never mind it has an on/off switch, How many amps should I need, just want something, to use to charge a camera, phone, and psp(not at the ame time).

Power Inverter
this is the one I found, If I could get something just as good or better for the same price or less It'd be great, but will this one do? Oh and how hard is it to remove the pocket?

Extend outlets from inverter with an extensions cord( cut ends off and use internal wire), extend on/off switch with extension cord(same way, probably from same cord).

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the link shows the first one has usb too, cool,, you could use both outlets, and the usb ,
might have a good circuit in it for charging an IPOD or similar device,,

Nix, try this. Scroll down and you will see how this is done :)
I like how thtis is done, but don't have that kind of console. Satndard X

sure can. May take some work to get an outlet mounted where you want it.
Yo would be good with a 375watt inverter. Probably work on a 150watt but I always go bigger just in case. I would get one made by a good brand like tripplite.
This uses the Cig lighter as a power source, could I just Splice them to regular cords?

Scroll farther young Padawan. Use the force, it will direct you. Don't fight it, for it will consume you it will.

Nix, you needed to scroll down a little farther to see this:

Oh Ok But I doon't want it to be in sight, I want it to be kinda hidden, thta's why I want to put it in the pocket.

I also really like this one but its powered by a cig lighter and does not have mounting holes, HOw would I be able to mount it?

Okay SO I found this one What do you guys think? What Size gauge Would I need to power it, I was think Around 8 gauge, and then fusing it what should I use

Nick, you can combine both ideas from that thread.

Follow the instructions to wire/mount the inverter in the rear compartment.
Use Evans instructions to just have the plug in outlet inside your pocket so it is out of sight.

You can use plumbers tape to mount it. It is a flat bendable strip of steel with holes, comes rolled up like tape. Use small self drilling/tapping screws to mount it to the body or framing behind the rear panel.

4 Ga wire is what I would use to run to the Inverter from the battery.

This is your custom install, so be a little creative, make it your own.

Ok so I found the one I want Whistler PI-400W Would I be able to use 8 gauge and be fine, kinda on a budget.

I like the Cobra in your first post. USB output, way cool.

Okay So I'm gonna use 8 gauge because it uses 20Amps. I realized my kenwood 920W max amplifier has a 40A fuse, and it recommends 8 gauge wire(went ahead and used 4 there in case of future upgrade). So I'm gonna use 8 Gauge wiring on this Power Inverter.

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