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leaf spring bushing sizing and suppliers


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July 30, 2009
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^ See the topic Donalds linked and my post in it. AFAIK yours use the same bushings but to be on the safe side you might want to wait to see if anyone else knows differently, or just measure yours and see if they match what is below:


A-Outer Diameter:1-1/4 inch
B-Outer Steel Sleeve Length:2-9/16 inch
C-Overall Inner Sleeve Length:3 inch
D-Inner Diameter, Bolt Size:9/16 inch
IF above is true, Can use Energy Suspension 4.2124 kit for polyurethane bushings.


A-Outer Diameter:1-7/8 inch
B-Length:2-1/2 inch
C-Length:3 inch
D-Inner Diameter:.551 inch (14mm)
IF above is true, Can use 3.2125 for the front bushings by leaving the outer shells from original bushings, still in the spring

bushing dimensions.jpg