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98 explorer

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    Skin on lift gate 98 explorer

    I need to get the door ajar light to go off cuz it's killing my battery. I have determined that iys the lift gate switches that are the problem. I just need to know how to take the skin off without ruining it to get st the switches.
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    Question: Would it be worth putting on new leaf spring shackles and then a t-bar crank to gain an inch of lift, and then installing a 3-inch body lift kit? From my understanding for a 98 they don't make body lift kits but I remember seeing somewhere you can use a ranger body kit on it?
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    Guide on doing an LED swap

    Is there a post anywhere on here with a guide on how to do an LED swap on a 98 Explorer? I've already replaced all my interior lights, cluster, dome, mirror, tag lights etc with LED's. But the ones I'm seeming to have trouble finding any info on is LED swapping stuff like, reverse lights, brake...
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    My two 2nd Gen Ex'es

  5. R

    Lifting a 98 XLT and R n R Upper and Lower Control Arms, Driver and Passenger Sides

    Forgive my lack of initiative to look for myself, but current Harley repair leaves no flat spot available for safe look myself. 1. Is there a good safe spot to lift the whole front end of the vehicle in one lift? Using a floor jack. Just want to pre-spray some nut buster fluid on the CA parts a...
  6. 1

    98 Explorer 5 Speed Won't Shift Into Gear

    Hello, My 98 Explorer will not shift into gear, including reverse. If the engine is not running, I can easily shift into all gears. Once I'm in gear with the engine off, and then start the engine (I tried this with first gear and reverse on my driveway), I can go, yet it's as if once the...
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    '98 Explorer with the "4 Wheel High" and the "4 Wheel Low" lights flashing in sync

    98 Explorer, Automatic, 4.0 L SOHC. Tranny started acting up a few days ago, when I'd put it in gear it would act like it was being shifted into 4-wheel mode. Problem would clear itself when I'd put it back in park, pause, then back into gear. I wanted to test it so i put it into 4-wheel mode...
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    98 explorer suspension torque spec.

    1998 Ford explore sport v6 4.0 sohc 4x4 automatic Hey im getting ready to replace my upper control arms/ball joints, inner and outer tie rods, lower ball joints, camber bolts and leaf springs and shackles as well as doing a TT is there any torque specs I should be aware of? all my suspension...
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    I know someone's probably already asked about a push bar...

    ...But here I am asking again! I have a 2 door 4WD 98 explorer, and I want to customize it! I'll be honest, I've been a car owner for a couple months, and I know next to nothing about working on them except how to make sure it's got oil and good wipers and good tire pressure and I managed to...
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    98 Explorer XLT Cam Synchro location

    Hello! Folks I'm D-one, I am a loyal Ford Fan. My question pertains to the exact location of the Camshaft Synchronizer on the 98 Explorer XLT SOHC VIN: E I'm also a new member to the forum, and would like to thank all the postings that has taught me how to provide maintenance and tune-up on my...
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    A/C Won't blow, 1998 ford explorer

    So I've been looking through the forums and found similar problems, but none of the solutions have worked for me, so here it goes. I've got 98 Ford explorer eddie bauer edition, so it's got EATC and a rear blower as well. The other day my A/C stopped blowing air up front, but continued working...
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    leaf spring bushing sizing and suppliers

    need some help please. I've read many of the threads already, but i haven't seen one yet that covers my current issue. I got a set of rear leaf springs from a 98 explorer 4 door from a salvage yard. I want to put in new bushings, but everywhere i look, they can't get em. I even measured them...
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    No Fuel Pressure.

    I've got an unusual setup. I obtained a 1949 Chevy Panel truck that sits on a 1998 Ford Explorer Chassis. It did run (or so I was told) but I can only get it to fire if I put fuel into the intake manifold. So far, I've checked the relays, fuses, changed the crankshaft sensor, fuel pump...
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    1998 Ford Exploer 2wd

    Hello my name is Jeff, I have a 98 Ford Explorer 2 Wd 4.0 sohc that has really got me stumped. It starts and idles fine, I can drive it down the road, once the motor is warm and u push the gas up to at about 2000 RPMs it starts to spit and sputter and almost die. I can let off and it smoothes...
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    4WD LEDs blinking, Parking brake LED stays on, Blend door stuck

    98 Explorer XLT w/ 4L SOHC. What do you think? 1 problem, 2 problems or 3 problems? First, the Parking brake LED got stuck staying on. Then a couple weeks later the 4WD LEDs started blinking 6 times every few minutes. Then another week later the heat/AC Blend door quit working. Is...
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    Rear driver side wheel grinding noise/feel

    Hi everyone I've looked everywhere I can't find a solution to my problem. The rear driver side wheel started to make a grinding sound only when I applied the brakes but now it makes this sound while just driving with no brake being applied. I went ahead and ordered new rotors and pads...
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    How to increase horsepower?

    Hey everybody I have a 98 5.0 explorer and wondering what my hp is and ways to increase hp. P.S. This my favorite ride iv ever had also had 93 ex 4.0(green Monster)
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    98 explorer exhaust questions

    Hey everyone, i have a few questions and was curious about and if anyone could give me some answers it would be greatly appreciated! I have a 98 ex 4.0 and my buddy has a flowmaster 40 series he was just gonna give to me. he had it on his truck for 2 weeks and didnt like it, so hes just...
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    1998 Explorer Eddie Bauer. AWD question.

    This is an AWD vehicle. I've never owned an AWD vehicle, so is there some way of knowing if it is engaging? There is a knob on the dash for "Normal Driving" and "Off Road". When I turn the knob, I can feel and hear no difference in how the truck runs. Additionally, my last truck (a chevy...
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    I need help with body work.

    ok so im getting ready to get some parts of my 98 explorer sport line x'd i need some help i want to remove the bumpers, fender flares, side steps and grill but havent really looked into lookin for instruction or advice on all or any will post pics of before work and after
  21. L

    '98 Camshaft sensor questions. I'm pregnant and broke down!!!

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I joined to try and get some information to help me with my 98 Explorer. It's the 4.0L SOHC. I have had the check engine light on for months, code said it was my camshaft position sensor. I didn't have the funds to change it at the time, and this morning my...
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    4R55E Front End Play Check Gauge Bar T93T-77003-AH

    I am rebuilding the 4R55E from my 98 Explorer. I have an ATSG Techtran Manual that I have been following step-by-step. I have made it to a step that the manual calls "Perform the Front End Play Check". In the instructions for this, it says: Place "Gauge Bar T93T-77003-AH" across the case...
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    Is My Truck Stuck In 4x4

    Okay, a little background info. It is a 98 explorer with the Control Trac transfer case, so the selector switch has the Auto/4 High/4 Low settings on it. AND i just got a brand spankin new tcase shift motor installed before today there was no shift motor so it was a full time 2WD. I got it...