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Lean conditon on Bank 2


November 13, 2014
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2011 mustang
I had my water pump replaced and they did a poor job of putting everything back together so vacum leak on th eintake. I tightened everything up that I could find but I keep getting the same code after about a week of operation. Any ideas where to look?

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Would be helpful to know what it is you're working on.

I am hesitant to go back to that shop. Id rather fix ti myself. Its a 2007 Eddie Bauer with the SOHC engine.

took it back

So I took it back to the shop and a week later the code came back. I'm runnign out of things to check for what I think is a very small vacum leak. Could it be a small leak int he intacke gasket?

Check the EGR hose and elbow for a vacuum leak. Otherwise start checking all of the vacuum connections on the intake since it sounds like they disconnected all of it to replace the water pump.

These are crazy simple to do a water pump on. Don't have to touch the intake. Nothing with vacuum really has to be removed to do it. I think your problem may be unrelated to that. Did it overheat or go into the red causing you to change the pump?