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LiKuiD's 1998 5.0 XLT/EB/Mustang Wannabe

I figured it was time I made one of these fancy pages.

So a little background: I got my truck (1998 XLT AWD 5.0) in the fall of 2002 with 31k miles on it after my old 93' was totalled by some jerk who didnt know how to use his brakes. This time around with the v8, I figured it was time to have some fun with the truck...and by fun I mean blow 90% of any money I make on it! :thumbsup:

Now, the thread title reads "XLT/EB/Mustang blah blah" for a few reasons. First, and most obvious, the truck from the factory was a XLT. While that was fun, I really missed having all the gizmos the EB/Limited's came with. So after growing a pair, I decided to try my luck (with lots of help from the forums) at adding some fun stuff to the truck. After a success with installing my beloved message center, I felt as though an EATC was the next step. Soon enough I installed one and have been so glad ever since. What a fun combo! Next on the list is possibly heated seats and...I think thats it regarding morphing into an EB.

The Mustang part is pretty self I wont get into that. But enough babbling, lets have a look see whats inside!

- 2002 White Faced Sport Trac Gauges
- Message Center from a 98' Mounty
- EATC from a 00' Mounty
- Sony CDX-850MP MP3 Headunit
- Sony 10CD MP3 Changer = Lots of songs!
- Boston Acoustic NX80's
- MTX Thunderform powered by a 220w MTX Roadhouse amp
- Ford Silver Remote Starter

- Diamond Clear Corners & Headlights with Silverstars
- EE Airdam with PIAA Pro90's
- Trim painted to match body
- Mustang hood blister
- Red tinted tails
- 17x9 (Authentic ;)) Cobra R's wrapped in 275/55 Pirelli Scorpion Zero's

- EE Rear Swaybar
- MAC Cold Air Intake
- MAC 3'' Single Cat-Back Exhaust
- Torque Monster Headers :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
- X-2 Flasher by Mr. Doug Bama at BamaChips :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Add all that stuff up and you got one hell of a fun truck to drive. Not only does it look sweet, but it really hauls ass! :D

Now for pics!

EATC/Message Center/Headunit (with factory gauges)

Torque Monster Headers

Fun "just cleaned" shots



I think about sums it up for now. If you havnt already noticed, quite a few pieces on my truck are from X24's old beast. His truck was by far my greatest inspiration when it came to blowing my cash. Although they look similar now, remember its a work in progress and things will change when I get some free time. Until then...Thanks for looking!

Oh the memories... brings a tear to my eye.